Honouring Ceremonies

The Mother's Rose Presentation


 This ceremony honors your mothers as well as your fathers. The Officiant will read about the importance of your families love & support & announce that you wish to give your mother's each a rose. These roses are a promise to them, and to the fathers, that no matter how far apart you may be, that they are not and will not be, forgotten.

Parents Rose Ceremony


Similar to the Mother’s Rose Presentation, except this ceremony honours both the Mother and the Father.

Different wording that all parents can share in the beautiful sentiment.

Remembrance Candle


 The couple  will light a special LED candle whilst the Officiant speaks of their loved ones who have departed being  remembered & gives their names (if desired).

 Although they are not here physically, they are all still very much loved and remembered. We feel blessed that they are here  in spirit on this beautiful day. 

Sibling Vows


This ceremony is perfect for a couple that each have a child/ren joining the marriage.

After explaining about the promises that their parents have made, I go on to  perform a little vow ceremony for them. I ask them if they will take the other child/ren as their sibling and say " From today on you are officially sister & brother"

The cutest sight you've ever seem with younger children.  

Honoring a Blended Family


 The Parent Vows to Children Ceremony is one way to celebrate and acknowledge the new family unit, while including the children. 

Adding this element to the ceremony demonstrates to the children that they are a real part of the new family that’s being created.  

Honouring Baby – To -Be Ceremony


If you’re a pregnant couple, you may wish to include something special in your ceremony for your child to be.

Samantha offers a beautiful heartfelt reading for the couple where the bride & groom place their hands on bride’s belly.